Thursday, June 17, 2010

Word Cup 2010 ° The teams I support

I am often told: "I notice you have an accent. Where are you from?"

Whenever that question pops up, I always answer: "It's complicated."

For starters, I do not have any memories from the country where I was born, Italy. My family and I moved to Argentina when I was four. I spent most of my childhood there. My mother tongue was lost and the only things that helped me feel still attached to Italy were the home videos my parents took, the Italian style home meals and desserts my mother prepared, such as home made pizza every Sunday and Tiramisu in special occasions, and the Italian music they brought with them. But all of their efforts to keep my Italian language going were in vane; every piece of Italian that I used to have were gone within a few years. Surprisingly enough, the little time I was in Italy is sufficient to support the Italian Soccer team with pride. However, I root for Argentina the most as everything I know and remember comes from there.

Seeing the Soccer World Cup is emotional considering I am neither in Argentina nor in Italy anymore. Whenever the Argentinean's Anthem plays I have an urge to stand up on the sofa with my Argentinean flag hanging from my hands. Meanwhile, my eyes fill up with tears of joy when seeing all Argentineans coming together and celebrating with passion. I only wish I was there to join in as this event is a chance to connect with the rest of Argentineans and Italians all over the world, far and near. So to compensate this desire I wear my Argentina's Soccer T-shirt with my I Love Argentina Cap or my Italian soccer jersey with my Italy Soccer Team's fan scarf whenever one of the two is playing.

I remember there was a match where they were playing against each other. I had no idea who to root for. Good thing I did not yet own any clothing supporting any of the two. If they go against each other this time, I am going to have to mix and match. I believe it is not safe as both countries take their "fútbol" seriously.

I wish both teams luck! Actually... I don't. Luck is for losers

Best wishes for these two amassing teams!! And good luck to Greece :)

A Non Perfect Normal Person

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