Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why is my blog called the way it's called?

As a German psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, Karen Horney, once said:

° The perfect normal person is rare in our civilization. °

This frase made me realize that many people point out my flaws almost every day. Which means that I am not a perfect normal person. I am common, and I am not afraid to acknowledge my defects. My flaws define my person, but also do my strengths. Being a non perfect person does not mean you do not have virtues; every one has them.

However, through the experiences in life, I have learned that the imperfections are the only way to become better and stronger as you make mistakes because of them. Sometimes I wonder if they really need to be called deficient traits. After all, they end up helping us. The opposite goes to someone's strengths. They can blind us. Let's say, hypothetically speaking, that me or you are a confident person. Tomorrow, there is a presentation in front of the whole class but you are not nervous. You know the subject, Why be nervous? Why practice? When you arrive to class, you do not have your notes. Why bring them? Your presentation starts and you choke. You cannot remember what went after "Good Morning, fellow students... "

This type of circumstances make me think that maybe weaknesses are strengths, and strengths are weaknesses. Or... every trait is both; a flaw and a virtue. So there might not be a chance to be completely perfect. I am sure that I will always live with an imperfection.

This does not apply only to me, but to you as well (I am sure). With that been said, I hope that the experiences that I will write on this Blog will reflect, in a way, on some of yours and, therefore, advices can be given by me and you, to become... well... close to perfect.

Wish you the best,

A Non Perfect Normal Person

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